M3U Black Player

M3U Player Black Edition (Ad-Free) Updated!

  1. Add the M3U Player Black Legacy private channel (Switch to US Roku Channel Store if not available in your region)
  2. Select “Playlist Editor” from the main menu.
  3. Select “Add New Playlist”.
  4. Name your playlist.
  5. Copy the link of any of our playlists here.
  6. Paste the playlist URL. (Use the Roku Remote app on your smart phone for a fast way to enter the playlist URL)
  7. Push the back arrow twice on your remote to return to the player’s main menu.
  8. Select “Video Player”.
  9. Select your playlist.
  10. Enjoy our large selection of remote playlists!

IMPORTANT: Large playlists take a long time to parse on this platform. Please be patient!

NOTE: Technical support is not available. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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